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Amazon Dash Buttons too intransparent

So called Dash buttons (W-Lan order buttons) lead to intransparent orders according to the Higher Regional Court of Munich. The stick-on Dash buttons, which only bear the manufacturer's logo, lack clear information on content and price as well as a clear reference to an order requiring payment. According to § 312j of the German Civil Code (BGB), an online retailer must name the button with which the buyer finally completes the purchase by one click in such a way that every buyer can easily see that clicking on the button costs money.

OLG München verdict 10.01.2019 - Az. 29 U 1091/18

Pregnancy does not always protect against dismissal

Employees may also be dismissed in the event of pregnancy as part of a mass dismissal. In principle, the dismissal of pregnant women is also prohibited under European law. However, dismissal is possible as an exception if it does not take place in connection with the pregnancy. Mass dismissals are an exception. EuGH, verdict 22.02.2018 - Az. C 103/16

Three year lock-up period for termination due to own need, also for business partnerships

If a partnership enters into a tenancy agreement as a new owner and landlord, it may give notice to the tenant at the earliest after three years with reference to own requirements. It is also irrelevant that the tenant's own requirements only emerge after the conclusion of the purchase contract. § 577a I S.1 BGB does not require an intended housing conversion. This also applies to partnerships.   BGH, verdict 21.03.2018 - VIII ZR 104/17